A welcome message from Mario

Mario Christou


The internet gives us the fantastic opportunity to share with the world our ideas, beliefs and thoughts and have put together this site for that very reason. 

My intention is to share my ideas, some of my knowledge and wisdom, and in the process connect with people that otherwise would never cross my path.  

For you to have found this site it indicates to me one of two things.  Either you have been sent the link by someone that cares for you, or are in some way searching for a way to better you health and most importantly your life. Whatever the case thanks for finding me. 

Very few of us are living the life we have been intended to live and by that I mean living by other peoples standards, values and beliefs.  It’s time that changes though.  Life will zip by without you knowing it and instead of wasting these beautiful moments you can do something about making your life one of purpose. 

It may seem all a bit new age or ‘out there’ to you but I hold genuine belief that we all have a unique role to play on this planet and most of us are merely existing and not living.  Most of have lost connection with the things that matter to us and hold fear in ever taking the steps to make our dreams a reality.

I spend a large percentage of my working life as a Health & Fitness coach and am incredibly fortunate to be able to help people re-discover their path to greater mental and physical health.  It’s taken me years to understand how people work and I am still learning everyday.  What has become clear to me though is that people are looking for something greater than just some fitness coaching, they want to reach out, connect, be part of something.  Essentially connect with a belief. 

Seeing someone I’ve worked with find their purpose and live their life by their own design is the most satisfying part of my work.  We are all put on this earth to help others but doing it day in day out is highly is something I am truly thankful for.

I hope in some way I can inspire you to take action toward a life that you are excited about and whether you find yourself working with me on a 1-2-1 basis, listening to one of my talks or YouTube videos, or joining one of my budding online communities I believe that together we can help you re-discover your true worth and help you redefine the life you have been born to live. After all, life is no dress rehearsal, this is as real as it gets.

To your health!